Financial Aid

Cornerstone Lutheran High School provides opportunities for financial aid to help pay for your child's education at our private high school.

Guardian Bravery Grant

First fifteen students that apply and get accepted receive a $1,000 grant from Cornerstone

Scrip Program

Participate in our scrip program and sell scrip to family and friends. Through your scrip account you can sell scrip to anyone you know. Your students get the credit for their efforts. Learn more.

Wisconsin Tuition Deduction

Under Wisconsin State law, elementary or secondary school tuition expenses paid are eligible for an annual income tax deduction. Each year taxpayers may claim the amount paid for private and religious school tuition expenses (up to a maximum dollar amount) for each dependent child in grades K-12. Wisconsin taxpayers wishing to claim the deduction may reference the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. This information is for general guidance only. CLHS recommends contacting a tax advisor for more information.

Federation Partnership

By your church joining our Federation a reduction of tuition of $830 for the first student and $747 for each concurrent child. Churches eligible to entering our federation are WELS or ELS.

Similar to the MLC Congregational Partner Grant, Cornerstone will match a federation member congregation's donation to a student up to $500 per student. Donation must be submitted directly to Cornerstone from the congregation.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Cornerstone Lutheran High School Board of Directors recognizes that the cost of Christian secondary education can be challenging for many families. Cornerstone Lutheran High School has been blessed by generous donors who have pioneered the CLHS Tuition Assistance Program. This program is designed to help families meet the cost that Christian education can incur. Please contact Cornerstone LHS for information on how we can help your family navigate through the admissions and tuition assistance process. Contact us for more information.